Texas Cactus

Texas Cactus

Coming Soon !!

Sorry folks, but Texas Cactus is going to step back, and wait... It's got another album-full of great Kendrick originals and a couple custom covers. But, Kendrick's flip-side ego/personality: "Alias Wayne" has come to town. Huh-oh...

SNAFU just has to get out the gates, and so, the release of the 3rd Texas Series albums, "Texas Cactus" will be delayed. You won't regret it. 

Here's the song list for the Alias Wayne - SNAFU release on St. Patty's Day:


SNAFU / by: Alias Wayne

 Side 1

Ring of Fire                                              Johnny Cash

Color of Blues

Somewhere in Texas

My Weakness

Me & My Girlfriend’s Phone


Side 2

Piece of My Heart                                   Janis Joplin

Love Child


Caveman Jack

Fishing Tale