Texas Paintbrush

Texas Paintbursh

This CD is the first of Kendrick's 3-album Texas-Series. Featuring original Texas Roots/Americana songs w/a couple nice covers mixed in. It comes as the culmination of many years of writing, playing and singing. Long overdue in many regards, but timely nonetheless.

Starting with a good ole' Texas roots song, and closing with another. Texas Paintbrush is a pleasant listen from beginning to end. First song to last. A rare treat of great songs produced differently, but all flowing together so well. It will be exciting to see him bring out the next 2-albums of the series. Each like this, featuring live cuts, vocal harmony songs, raw and super simple cuts, full blown bigger productions, etc.

With delightfully awesome cover songs, 1) Stand by Me, and 2) Misty. Nobody has ever made Stand by Me reciprocal, where there's focus on 'the other' person. So it's not all me, me, me. Kendrick turns it around to make it go both ways "...and I will stand by you." Gives the song a whole new feel.

Misty is another wonderful cover, such a fresh new rendition. Nobody can sing the song like Johnny Mathis. And nobody has ever sung it like Ranzel does on Texas Paintbrush. Very original, raw and real. Changed some of the 50's phrasings to bring it out-of-the-past - into today. Great song!

"Lyrics & Chords" for the original songs are accessible. User-friendly for anyone who wants to play the songs. Click the album cover, and each original song has comments, with the basic chords he's playing, and chord-forms where they differ from normal chording. It's a fun album that takes the listener on a pleasant journey.