Texas Sagebursh

Texas Sagebursh


Recording Now !!

Ready for another great-flowing album from 1st-song to last? The sequel to Texas Paintbrush... Everybody will have their favorite album, but I'm loving how Sagebrush sounds going down as we record it. 

The song list for Texas Sagebrush:




Any Ole’ Song

Gruene River

Unchained Melody - (The Righteous Brothers)

What a Pretty Day

Lonely People - (America)



Private Miracle

Trouble & Pain


Sandy’s Song

The Fair Grass

X-Cry in My Tequila


All original songs by Ranzel X Kendrick


Cowriter credits:

Trouble & Pain / Dallas Sneckner 

What a Pretty Day / Rebecca White

Gruene River / Marissa Hines & Mark Lambert