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Ranzel X Kendrick

Part rambling man, part hill country gypsy, Kendrick sounds like nobody else. Original. Passionate. Real, raw, and different. Honing his songwriting skills as a youth with tips from "uncle" multi-Grammy winner, Country & Western legend Roger Miller.

Singer-songwriter enigma artist Ranzel X Kendrick delivers his creatively unique guitars and smooth sexy vocals on the "Texas Paintbrush" release. With some of his best on #7, I Don't Want to Go Home with Jimmy Kimmel Show's master guitarist, "Toshi Yanagi," and Kendrick's solo instrumental #9, Canyon Hymn.

Having played the famous Bitter End stage in Greenwich Village, NY, as all great singer-songwriters, Kendrick has taken an off-the-beaten-path approach as a musician and songwriter.

"I remember when Roger came to town and gave me an original Planet of the Apes mask. My drummer friend, Rick, and I would jam with him whenever he was in town. It was a trip. Roger was so fun to hang with... I had a crazy time driving my '57 Chevy pickup with that mask on."

Featured Songs

  • #2 Where the Wind Blows
  • #7 I Don't Want to Go Home
  • #9 Canyon Hymn
  • #4 Promise of Love
  • #10 I'm in Love

Rebecca White

Vocalist talent and professional hair & makeup artist for Avant Agency, San Antonio/Austin, Texas. Rebecca White starred in the highest-rated "Dr. Phil" show of his 1st year. Invited back for 3 airings, Rebecca was a sparkling fan-favorite personality on the show for 3 years.

Performing lead and backup vocals on "Texas Paintbrush," Sugar Buzz Becca delivers powerful groove on both live cuts #6 Eternal Flame, and #10 I'm In Love, and with a different delivery for the fun-melody, #4 Promise of Love.

Look for more of Sugar Buzz on the next two of Kendrick's 3-album "Texas Series" set, Texas Paintbrush, Texas Sagebrush (recording now), and Texas Cactus (coming soon).