Kendrick with his guitar

Only son of Texas ranch-family parents, Kendrick's passion for music started in grade school when "Uncle" multi-Grammy winner & Country Western legend Roger Miller started giving tips on his songwriting. As a teen, Kendrick and his high school drummer buddy often jammed with Miller when he was in town.

Kendrick has since written a delightful catalog of original songs. Releasing his 11-song first album "Texas Paintbrush" as the first of a 3-album "Texas Series" set. To be followed by the album now in production, "Texas Sagebrush," and finish with the last in the series, "Texas Cactus." (click Albums for the 3-album covers)

Each featuring a variety of production styles from solo guitar & vocal, to simple rhythm sections, to more intricate full instrumentation and more.

With talented family & friends delivering the music and support vocals, plus live recordings and original versions of some great cover songs on each album.