Bee Venom Therapy

The Bee Hive is Nature’s Best / Medicine Chest. Featuring good things for the human body like 1) Honey, 2) Pollen, 3) Royal Jelly, 4) Propolis, 5) Wax and 5) Bee Venom.

When I was lead crime-reporter for the Maryland/Delaware State News I stumbled on this info while researching weekend-article material. Wrote the article first, then later that year started suffering serious back pain from a former sports injury.

Facing the prospect of having spinal surgery, I remembered my article and opted to try BVT instead. Bee Venom Therapy. Ordering bees from California and Maryland, the bee venom treatments not only turned things around, but actually healed my back without surgery. 

Sold on the miracle-cure for that injury, I used BVT for many more years to deal with pain from other sports injuries like my knees, shoulder, wrist, neck... Ultimately choosing double-knee replacement surgery for my knees, while discovering the power of bee venom to heal human maladies from arthritis to spiking the psyche with natural adrenaline, and more!

Stay Tuned…

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