Freestyle Disc

My friend Rick Miller and I discovered a wonderful exercise and workout routine as a young teenager: Freestyle Frisbee back when the only discs available were made by “Wham-O.”

 Me and my friend Rick Miller started tossing freestyle disc in high school and discovered the best win-win sport-type exercise ever. The basics of our workout is making creative throws and catches in a catch-and-release format. Where you don’t linger over your highlights, but you keep the disc moving while you keep moving too.

 Our typical freestyle workout runs 60- to 90-minutes. We take drink breaks, but otherwise it’s an hour-plus of non-stop movement with all kinds of twists, turns, jumps, etc. Make a great catch? No showboating, get the disc headed back to your partner.

 Works best with 2- to 3- people working together. Good throw coming at you? You’re trying to make the best catch for the partner who threw it to you. Make a great catch? Turn it into another throw and hit your freestyle partner with a great toss.It’s competing, you’re doing it together. Nobody loses. Nobody beats anybody. It’s truly win-win.

 Keep grooving and moving out there everybody! 

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