Freestyle Disc

I discovered a wonderful exercise and workout routine a long time ago as a young teenager: Freestyle Frisbee back then, when the only discs available were made by “Wham-O.”

Me and my friend Rick Miller started tossing way back when and it caught on! Sorry, bad pun… But our style of throwing is addictive because it’s so win-win. The basics of our ultra-cool workout is making creative throws and catches, in a catch-and-release format. Where you don’t linger over your own highlights, but keep the disc moving – while you keep yourself moving.

Typical workout for us usually runs about an hour and a half, 90-minutes. We’ll take a Sport-drink break or two, but otherwise it’s a good hour-plus of moving and making all kinds of stretch moves, twists, turns, jumps, etc. Nonstop. Just keep it rolling. Make a great catch? No showboating. Get the disc headed back to your partner in the workout.

Works best with 2- or 3- working together. Good throw coming your direction? You’re trying to make the best catch for your buddy or friend girl. Make a great catch? Try to hit your freestyle partner with an even better throw. It’s not competition against each other, but with each other. Nobody beats anybody. Nobody loses. Everybody wins, cuz it really is 100% win-win.

I’ll be hosting vids sometime in the future. Until then I’ll be posting my own.

Keep grooving and moving out there, everybody!

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