REVIEWS: SNAFU by Alias Wayne - ring of fire



"Based on this performance & recording alone, I can’t wait to see what other tricks Alias Wayne has under the sleeves!"


"Conclusion 10 out of 10: "Ring Of Fire" proves Alias Wayne, aka Ranzel X Kendrick,  is also in the discipline of cover versions, a talented musician. He pays tribute to the original by Johnny Cash and does not spoil this in any way. The result is a really good tribute in the style of unplugged rock / western rock or country and Americana."


"If you are going to cover a song, this is exactly the way to approach it, why don’t more people get that?"


"Alias’s cover of “Ring of Fire” is truly unique. It’s actually quite difficult to pick up that it’s a cover at all. Alias brings an authentic and personal approach to the song, giving his heart and soul to this well-loved country standard.
This cover is from the artists’ much-anticipated new album “SNAFU”."


“'Ring of Fire' shows off Alias Wayne’s uncanny sense of atmosphere, crafting a world that feels highly unique yet intimate."

reviews: Texas cactus - seguin son of a gun



"You just don’t hear recordings like this out there… at the very least, not enough…but if these pages & the last nearly 2000 reviews I’ve written are any indication, I’m tellin’ ya – the warm, comforting, inviting vibes you’ll find on this single are really authentic. 

"Seguin Son Of A Gun" has a subtly cool rhythm & groove that never loses its charm… whether it’s the music or the vocals, the lead or the background, you’ll find plenty happening throughout the structure of this lil’ ditty to keep ya fully entertained. "


"Ranzel X Kendrick  is steadily developing into a poignant musician and happens to be an even more gifted singer-songwriter. "Seguin Son of a Gun" is more about the journey than the destination. The tune doesn’t reveal much about the artist but it streamlines and indulges in a subtle flurry of guitar and harmonica notes that sound lively and original."


“ 'Son Of A Gun' reminds me of how enjoyable music can be when it comes from an honest place. You know what I love about “Son Of A Gun?” It’s raw. With the instrumental behind the track featuring authentic country vibes, Ranzel lets loose, singing about having a good time with beers, guitars and good company."


"Ranzel X Kendrick sounds a little like Diamond David Lee Roth of Van Halen, in his gentler moments. Only this isn’t a heavy metal lead singer taking a volume break. Instead, it is the way Kendrick always likes to do it."




"Beautifully mellow, heartfelt, and sincere – Kendrick supplies you with all that you want on this cover and does an exceptional job with handling the humble sweetness of this song spot-on.  More importantly than perhaps anything else, he doesn’t mess too much at all with a recipe that already yielded the perfect results… he’s kept the authentically classic & sweet sounds of “Crazy Love” recognizable, while bringing his own warmth & comforting vibes to this endearing new cover version. 

And I get to sleep comfortably tonight knowing I knew Ranzel had something like this in him all along."


"His single “Crazy Love” runs through folk and country grassroots with a bright and fleeting burst of sweet affection. The artist gets deep and personal, telling of a love that arrives in our minds and we find ourselves idealizing our other halves."


"What I like about this song is that it doesn’t try to be anything more than it is, it’s authentic and still beautiful, feeling like a classic Jack Johnson track in some ways – though always with that country pop twang that is the Ranzel X Kendrick approach. Without a doubt, the entire Texas Cactus album is one worth exploring."


"Ranzel X Kendrick’s "Texas Cactus" is filled with timeless-sounding music that never lets up in heartwarming vibes. One of my favorite songs off of the album is "Crazy Love" — A feel-good gem that features a soothing instrumental, passionate crooning and angelic lyrical content. I closed my eyes throughout listening to this song."


"Ranzel X Kendrick’s version of "Crazy Love" will never forget Van Morrison’s original recording. However, Kendrick certainly doesn’t embarrass himself. Instead, by putting his own fingerprint on the song, Kendrick reminds us again that this is one fine song. (Oh, that we all can experience this kind of love). If you’ve felt it, this song will act as a pleasurable reminder. If you haven’t, it’ll make you want it, badly."


"Crisp, smooth vocals elevate the sweet lyrics and sound great with the guitar. It is a simple sounding tune and it works very well. Nothing seems complicated. It all feels as light as Kendrick does when he's singing, and that feeling is infectious. 

I absolutely love how the guitar sounds in this track. It's beautiful and makes you feel almost cozy, like the track is welcoming you home."




"Having done thousands of music reviews over the years, I have discovered a lot of interesting or good music, but not too much of it stands out. I have to say though that country artist Ranzel X Kendrick’s new album, Texas Sagebrush is exceptional. The first track Any Ole’ Song, should leave no doubt to the listener that this guy’s music is right up there with the country legends. 

Ambiance wise, the songs on this album would not have seemed out of place on the classic soundtracks of films like “Every Which Way But Loose,” which featured hits from Eddie Rabbitt and Mel Tillis."


"They’re not supposed to make records like this anymore.  I thought musicians really didn’t care about Americana-styled roots music anymore. I thought that smart looks and reality television experience meant more on an artist’s resume. Who knew that a down to earth, no frills musical craftsman could still have the courage to record the songs in his head anymore. Ranzel X Kendrick is a musical rebel who would make the old time troubadours proud. His songs reek of honesty and authenticity. They are rallying cries for the common man and odes to acoustic guitars, life and girls, beautiful country landscapes and the sound of the inner spirit and the soul.

Ranzel X Kendrick brings the character, charisma and class of the legendary Americana musicians, during an era when most music is just some form of gussied-up, over-painted pop for angst filled teens. Here’s a guy who knows what he’s doing, and he’s not content to get locked into today’s formulas. His music is tight, but not slick. Traditional, but contemporary, and with the artist’s own stamp on it. It’s a genuine work of uncluttered, understated art."


"Arriving with the second installment of his Texas Trilogy Ranzel X Kendrick delivers a charming, engaging blend of organic roots music with Texas Sagebrush.

Featuring a variety of styles from solo singer/songwriter with a guitar and vocals, to the addition of minimal rhythm and percussion elements into more refined, developed arrangements… Kendrick’s music is perfect for fans of homegrown Texas tunes as well as lovers of roots, folk, country, bluegrass - and the blending of elements from all those distinct styles."




“ 'What A Pretty Day' is what the most infectious smile you’ve ever seen would sound like if it were a song. It is light-hearted and full of optimism, with gentle guitar riffs and lovely vocals. It feels like sunshine and new beginnings. I can’t get enough. I want to make this song my new anthem because it feels me with so much happiness. 
I’ve never heard a song that sounds so perfectly put together with the vocals feeling this carefree and gentle. My favorite part is at the end, when White comments that the song sounded okay, to which Kendrick responds with, “Sounded pretty nice.” All I could think upon hearing that was, ‘You’re damn right it did!"


"Ladies and gentlemen, today I have the perfect Sunday track for you. A cool and classy track by Ranzel X Kendrick. … The chemistry between Ranzel X Kendrick and featured artist Rebecca White is what I would say fall under the category; Magic!

I have been listening to this song the whole weekend and I gotta say, it made each weekend a string of pretty days."


“What a Pretty Day,” a smooth track that reminds you just how beneficial a beautifully written song can be on your psyche. Listeners will love how simple yet profound the words are in this song, as both Kendrick and Rebecca White create this Country inspired gem that pierces at your soul both forcefully and effortlessly. (4.5/5)"

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"This first outing in a planned trilogy of albums… is a masterfully understated slice of rootsy, country acoustica, or as the artist himself refers to it Freestyle folk. 
And if  your impression of Texas music is defined by Southern Rock’s face melting guitar work or campfire cowboy songs, remember that this is the state where the conservative country set united with the liberal hippies in the 70’s to embrace the cosmic country scene as the likes of Nelson, Sahm and Jennings grew their hair and dropped out. There are moments when Texas Paintbrush feels like the musical progeny of those times, a sort of blend of Bob Dylan and outlaw country or reminiscent of Townes Van Zante’s alt-country groove."

WARLOCK ASYLUM (International)

"Overall, Texas Paintbrush by Ranzel X Kendrick is a flawless work that is easily one of this year’s best albums. Not only is Kendrick’s performance very skillful, but he has a peculiar knack of sounding like he is right next to you with guitar in hand on each and every track – a certified masterpiece!"


"Ranzel X Kendrick goes for a homespun Americana charm with the powerful “Texas Paintbrush”. Possessing a curious shaggy dog storytelling ability, the laidback nature of the arrangements works to Ranzel X Kendrick’s reassuring vocals. Quite soothing the lovely gracious rhythms work in unison to craft an entire world, one that exists almost as if in a half-forgotten dream. Guitars have a raw, intimate quality to them, as Ranzel X Kendrick incorporates a great deal of the blues and soul into each piece. Attention to detail becomes of the utmost importance, for every single moment of the album feels truly cared for, as the songs positively teem with life."